• "I love how personal it all is. The real-life stories are gripping even when they are shared in short, staccato vignettes. The pain and self-doubt you express is exactly what I feel deep down in my soul. I have trouble identifying and engaging with my emotions, but you put words to the feelings that impact my interactions with God, my wife, my kids, and my co-workers. It's like I'm reading my own feelings through your experiences, which was very cathartic for me. I wanted the healing that you were experiencing.”
    Rev Stephen Johnson
    Fellowship Bible Church, Dedham, MA
  • "Thank you, Toni, for all the years of hard work you have put in and the concerns you have allowed yourself to entertain, wrestle and live with in order to figure out what "God with us" looks like. This is GOSPEL! Please translate this as soon as possible (into Spanish)! This goes straight to the heart of the Gospel and bypasses all the possible areas of rejection that someone can come up with (in Uruguay and cultures like this) as an excuse for not following Jesus. Who would not be drawn to a Jesus like this? It is very powerful and I don't know if there are any other books like this! Thanks so much.”
    Melanie Wendel
    Co-director, Latin America
    Christian and Missionary Alliance
  • “I love your transparency. So many times I feel like you are giving words to my experience too. Your story is so easy for me to promote. I think there are many of us who have been waiting for a book like this that shows how Thrive/Immanuel look in real life.”
    Ann Ford
    Sailboat Captain
  • “I have read a ton of self-help books that tell me what you need to do, but I think I have finally found the book that tells me how to do it.”
    Wayne Brackeen
    Retired Engineer
  • “Thousands of hours will be spent this week collectively listening to sermons and reading how-to books, but not much will change. Toni’s “follow-me-as-I-follow-Jesus approach” gives us a “how I” tale rather than a “how-to” formula for growing in joy-filled intimacy with our sweet Saviour.”
    Matt Daniels
    Co-Founder and Husband
    Geronimo Center for Innovation and Leadership
  • "I have been reading the book non stop since you sent it to me. I don't want the free "book" on the computer. I want to buy arm loads of this book and share them with others. This book is so incredible and so exciting that I believe God is not only giving me something for me, but "exercises" to share with those I am mentoring. What timing!”
    Carol Bergee
    LK10 Community, Denver, CO
  • This book is exceptionally well-written and insightful. It is full of useful and penetrating application of scripture. Toni Daniels exhibits the truth that strength is found in vulnerability and recovery is found in courage. She allows the reader to examine and reflect on the presence of Christ in their life by giving us a brave example in herself. Each chapter is fresh, well-researched, engaging, and thoroughly honest. It is often honest in a way that can be scary at times. But, in being authentic and personal, Toni Daniels gives her reader the authority to be honest themselves. Pick this one up, folks. You will be better for it.
    Former Atheist
    Now Christ Follower

Have you ever found yourself without the resilience you need in order to thrive? Do you sometimes find it hard to manage your emotions well, even though you pray, read your Bible, and serve others? Does God seem to be some illusive presence that you just can’t seem to sense or hear?

This practical and yet, intensely personal book will give readers a different model for dealing with their problems. Learning to sense God enjoying her, no matter what, turns out to be the beginning of an intimacy with the Creator that the author never dreamed possible.

Joy, that feeling you get when someone is glad to be with you, has the power to manage all that goes on inside of us… when there is enough of it. Unfortunately, however, for many of us there is very little joy inside compared to the shame, fear, sadness, anger, and hopeless despair that swirl about. The result of this imbalance is emotional shutdown or meltdown, which leave us unable to fully connect with those around us. Depression and addiction run rampant when joy is lacking. And yet most of us are never shown healthy ways to deal with our emotions, to express them well, and to build the joy we need in order to endure the hardships of life. This is precisely what Back to Joy intends to do.

Not a “how-to” that simply gives you steps to follow, Back to Joy: An Intimate Journey with Jesus into Emotional Health and Maturity actually shows you:


  • What it looks like to sense God’s enjoyment of you no matter what
  • How going back to your past can free you to fully live in the present
  • That your needs are valid and that God wants you to learn to receive
  • What suffering well looks like when you have been attacked
  • The radical mission God is on to seek and save all that was lost in your life and in the lives around you

By reading intimate journal entries spanning 18 years of her life as a Missionary, Relational Coach, Pastoral Counselor, daughter, wife, friend and mother you will see how Jesus has gently cared for the author, revealed His truth to her, healed traumatic memories, convicted her when she was stuck in harmful paradigms, and ultimately led her into health and maturity.

Toni’s book is an inspiring statement that you do not have to settle for a mediocre relationship with the Creator of the Universe. What are you waiting for? His delight in you can and will radically change your life as you let Him lead you back to joy.